Super Soaker Monster X


Released: 2000-2001
Ebay Value: $38.25

Reservoir: 108 oz
PC: 20 oz
Gun: 36.5″ x 6″ x 10.5″

Weight Loaded: 13.1 lb
Weight Full: 11.8 lb
Weight Empty: 4.8 lb

Pump Volume: 1.1 oz
Pumps to 100%: 19
Pump Stroke: TBM

monster x ratings

Field Life



With 3 stream settings, 3 burst settings, and a rugged, intimidating design, the Monster X is a brawler. Originally released in 2000 as the Monster, it was renamed Monster X with the release of the final and smallest blaster in the monster line. In 2002 the design was shortened and given a new color scheme, with a black body and orange pressure chamber. All versions of the Monster X feature 6 nozzle settings.

Output Shot Time Range
5x 7 oz/sec 2.8 secs 38 ft
8.5x 11 oz/sec 1.8 secs 40 ft
11.5x 14 oz/sec 1.4 secs 38 ft
Powerburst 10 oz/sec 2 secs 36 ft
Aquastorm 13 oz/sec 1.5 secs 32 ft
Typhoon 12.8 oz/sec 1.5 secs 33 ft

As you can see, Hasbro did a horrible time estimating outputs for the stream nozzles. The real settings are a lot more like 7x, 11x, and 14x. The selection is nice, but it could have been carried out more efficiently. The Monster X lacks a proper laminator, and each nozzle’s aperture lies on the end of an inch long barrel. This leads to more turbulence and decreased range.

Of the stock nozzles I generally use 8.5x the most as it’s the most powerful. 5x is more like a 7x, so it doesn’t conserve your ammo, and the 11.5x doesn’t put out that much more water than 8.5x. I recommend drilling the 11.5x out to 20x and turning the 5x nozzle into a real 4 or 5x nozzle if that’s possible. The power burst nozzles are most useful in soakfests. Power burst gives off a diamond shaped shot that soaks more than you’d expect for the output. Aquastorm is a shower setting and Typhoon is a burst/fan hybrid that is more effective than it sounds.

Like all Super Soakers bearing the Monster name the MX has the ability to fill via a QFD (quick fill device). The QFD port, which looks like another nozzle, is located below the nozzle selector. This is a really nice addition since it makes refilling and recharging super easy, but it’s only useful if you have a QFD and you’re fighting somewhere with a hose you can connect it to.

Structurally, the Monster X is very durable. Sometimes I think Super Soaker put too much plastic on the gun, making it a bit bulky for its size (compared to the CPS 2000 or 2500), but it does look cool, and as previously mentioned it is rather sturdy. Another thing to note about the engineering is that the bladder used in the pressure chamber is practically identical to that of a CPS 2500 or CPS 2000 mk2.

Even with its minor design flaws, the Monster X is a solid primary. It’s



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