Past Updates

12/1/2015 – Experimenting with new header that incorporates WWN logo. Let me know what you think. Got back from Frozen Fury and it was awesome!

11/23/2015 – Added Saugatuck Falls Natural Area to the Battlegrounds page including lots of tasty photos. Frozen Fury will be held the weekend of the 28th and 29th.

10/24/2015 – Please take the Homemade Water Gun Survey by Ben @ Super Soaker Central.

10/22/2015 – Maps and photos added to Vermin War 9 War Story. Added new header.

8/5/2015 – More repairs! Now you can fix your broken Flash Flood or other Super Soakers with broken max d springs or firing valves that no longer shoot. Repair section has also been revised. Repair names are now less technical and more straightforward. Tables deleted for easier editing. Also check out the newly updated eBay Price Values for Super Soakers and Water Warriors.

7/7/2015 – Added another repair: Cracked/dented pump seal repair. I had an XP 150 pump that was leaking and not pushing as much pressure into the pressure chamber. This repair got my pump working good as new.

6/1/2015 – Added 2 new repairs: the rubber band repair for blasters that shoot when you pump them, and a repair for CPS blasters that spray wildly when shooting.

4/29/2015 – Settled back on the Splendio design, but removed the giant orange block from the searchbar. Also reformatted divs on review pages to provide for better spacing. Readers should not have a problem with overlapping statistics anymore. I’m also looking into mobile optimization. Thanks for all the feedback everyone’s provided me.

4/8/2015 – New site design. Let me know what you think

4/7/2015 – Reviews will now have a “relevant discussions” section which will include links to all relevant forum topics about that particular blaster.