Super Soaker Super Charger Big Trouble

SC Big Trouble Internals

Released: 2000
Ebay Value: $83.88
NIB Value: $44.98 (yeah crazy, right?)

PC: 74 oz
Gun: 9″ x 3.25″ x 6.7″

Weight Loaded: 8.2 lbs
Weight Empty:  3.4 lbs

power pack ratings

Field Life



The Super Charger Big Trouble is as disappointing as the Power Pak is impressive. The power has been nerfed significantly, and the fan and burst nozzles are completely useless. This may be the first gun I’ve ever used where the burst nozzle is actually worse than the fan nozzle. The burst nozzle is actually just 4 0.8 mm nozzles that some how, collectively, actually put out less than 1 oz/sec up to 18 ft. Those are Nerf Super Soaker numbers. If you get this gun, please mod this nozzle.

Nozzle Output ShotTime Range Taps/Tank
1.5x 1.7oz/sec 40 secs 30 ft 174
8.5x 7.3 9.5 36 41
Power Burst 0.74 100 18 400
Fan 3.1 28.4 14 95

The BT’s backpack contains one giant PC, compared to the Power Pak’s 3 slimmer PCs. The larger, singular PC is less powerful. It seems a lot like the PC contained in the Splashzooka, but both Zooks I have tested were more powerful than my Big Trouble. Both guns feature 2.4 mm nozzles, but the Zooks put out 125% the output of the Big Trouble and 108% (3 more feet) the range of the BT on the same nozzle. I would say that perhaps I just have a weak BT, but other sites seem to confirm similar performance.



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