Speed Loader Double Cross 3000


Released: 1999
Ebay Value: ?

PC: TBM oz

Gun: 23″ x 5″ x 11.5″
Weight Full: TBM
Weight Empty: 3.5 lbs

Field Life


Wild Water Weapons created the original QFD (quick fill device) back in the late ’90s. In 1999 they released the Speed Loader series, a line of water blasters that required no pumping because they were filled, and simultaneously pressurized, by plugging the nozzle into a charging port connected to a hose.

The Speed Loader 3000 is one of the more unique water blasters to ever see the market. Not only is it a QFD only blaster, but each nozzle operates independently with it’s own trigger and handle. This means that you can rotate each nozzle a full 360 degrees and target multiple opponents at once.

This is a lot less practical than it sounds, as it’s actually quite difficult to accurately hit 2 opponents at the same time (there was a Myth Buster’s episode on this), and you could essentially do this almost as well with 1 nozzle simply by sweeping your blaster back and forth while pulling the trigger. With that being said, the double trigger does allow you to alternate between playing conservatively and going all out with soakage.The double setup also makes the blaster bulkier than it could be, making

Nozzle Output ShotTime Range Taps/Tank
Single Stream TBM TBM secs 38 ft TBM
Double Stream TBM TBM 38 ft TBM

The pressure chamber is a full rubber bladder like those seen in Super Soaker’s CPS series. This means that there is essentially no drop off in power. The last shot will be just as powerful as the first.