Super Soaker 300

ss 300c

Released: 1993
Ebay Value: $57.37

Reservoir: 247 oz
PC: 60 oz

Gun: 27″ x 4″ x 16″
Pack: 5.5″ x 11″ x 16.5″

Weight Loaded: 25.5
Weight Full: 21.6 lbs
Weight Empty: 5.5 lbs

Pump Volume: 3 oz
Pumps to 100%: 19
Pump Stroke: TBM

ss300 ratings

Field Life


In May of 2012, after years and years of waiting, I finally got my hands on one of these beasts. The 300 is like a mythological creature. When summoned to the battlefield you might as well have summoned all the ancient gods of the storms, rivers, and seas. Your opponents will run screaming in fear if they know what’s best for them. This gun can match the CPS 2000 in range, but it bests the 2000′s shot time by 400%. To put it bluntly, there is no weapon more fearsome in open combat, than the classic 300.

If the gods so happen to favor you and you obtain one, there are several things you should know. The 300 takes a lot of care to maintain. The two weakest spots are the firing lever and the gears where the lever arm connects to the firing valve (ball valve) behind the nozzle. Make sure you do not fall on this gun and do not be too rough with the lever. When you are done using the 300 make sure you empty out all the water, pump up the gun with air, and then pull the lever to release any remaining water vapor. Lastly, do not store this gun with the hose twisted up or bent, you don’t want any kinks in the hose.

The 300 does not use rubber pressure chambers but it still manages near constant pressure for the duration of its shot time. I measured a mere 2 foot drop off in range from the beginning to the end of the shot. I don’t understand the physics behind this, but it means that you should treat the 300 like a CPS. When you have pumped the gun up as much as you can, turn it upside down and fire it to remove any air (there will be good amount) trapped in the pressure chambers. Then continue pumping water into the pressure chambers until you can’t anymore. Most air pressure guns perform better when you precharge the PCs with air. This does not apply to the 300.

So, how do you fight with this legend? The 300 is a heavy weapon. In team games you will play the role of fire suppression. Do not be afraid to fire liberally. With the exception of the 2700 and high end Water Warriors guns, you will have greater field life than every CPS gun on the battlefield, and you eclipse both of these in power. Be at the center of the action and lay down devastating fire as often as you can. Let the more agile CPS 2000s, with their shorter field life, roam your flanks and try to pull off surprise attacks, mini ambushes, and flanking maneuvers on unsuspecting opponents. In team soakfests you will want to have an escort with you, someone with a gun like a Colossus or XP 150 that can keep up a constant stream by pumping and firing at the same time. Being a lever action model, and having an output much greater than its pump capacity, the 300 is vulnerable to short range rushes or swarms. In free for all soakfests you will need a sidearm with good shot time. This gun is best suited to 1hk, 1hs, and team soakfest games. The 300 is good for base defense in CTF games, but it will most likely be too bulky to make flag or base rushes on offense.



4 thoughts on “Super Soaker 300

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    • I bought mine off of ebay, but then I sold it to the oncoming storm on You should post in the marketplace there, several people have SS 300s. Ebay and are really the only places. Maybe, just maybe Nerfhaven or Reddit Nerf or Facebook Nerf. I wish I still had mine, I sold it because I was going off to gradschool.

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