Storm Tsunami Force 5

Released: 2000

Ebay Value: ?

Reservoir: 60 oz
PC: 15 oz
Tap Shots/Tank: ~270

Nozzle Size: TBM
Range: 37 ft
Output: 1.1 oz/sec
Full Shot Time: 1 sec

Gun: TBM
Weight Loaded: TBM
Weight Full: TBM
Weight Empty: TBM

Pump Volume: TBM
Pumps to 100%: TBM
Pump Stroke: TBM

Field Life



This was the first Storm I ever owned. It was long, sleek, powerful, and charged quickly. The output was a bit disappointing, but it still had the range and stream lamination to cause a good amount of damage. It’s also a bit long for how much water it puts out, but it’s quite comfortable and easy to use. Like all Storms it only takes a few pumps to pressurize, keeping you in the fight longer without losing presure.

One appealing aspect of the Tsunami Force 5 is it’s dual “photon beams” which light up when you pull the trigger. One beam lights up your stream, making it look sort of like a laser. The other is kind of like a red flash beam. Although not terribly tactical it is actually pretty fun to go running around in the dark blasting everything in sight.

Unfortunately, unlike later Storm releases, the Tsunami Force 5 isn’t the most durable blaster. The fault lies with the spring located behind the trigger, which often goes bad after a summer. The design is much more complex than that of a Super Soaker, and to my knowledge no one has been able to repair this problem as of August 2014.

The Storm Tsunami Force 5 was also labeled the “Storm 3000.”




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