Storm 2500

storm 2500 thumb

Released: 2001-2002
Ebay Value: ?

Reservoir: 60 oz
PC: 15 oz
Tap Shots/Tank: ~270

Nozzle Size: TBM
Range: 37 ft
Output: 1.1 oz/sec
Full Shot Time: 1 sec

Gun: 34″ x 5″ x 11.5″
Weight Loaded: TBM
Weight Full: TBM
Weight Empty: TBM

Pump Volume: 2.7 oz
Pumps to 100%: 6
Pump Stroke: TBM

Field Life



The Storm 2500 is a nice large rifle capable of giving a good sting in battle. It was released in 2001 as team red (red and black), and team blue (blue and orange), and rereleased in 2002. The Storm 2500 has a nice 1x beam that has range equal to most Max Ds, and over that of most XPs. Then there is a “secret” larger nozzle on the pump that fires 34 feet (10m), and fires when the nozzle switch (located on the front of the pump) is turned on and you are pumping. Its output is not as good as the CPS 1000, 1200 unless you are using the 1x and 3x nozzle simultaneously. This will thoroughly soak any opponent. The laser light inside the 1x nozzle is mostly a gimmick, but can be fun to use in not so serious night battles. It also has a flash light “photon beam” that is actually useful as a small flash light. The Storm 2500 is compatable with Storm’s “Unlimitor”, this hooks it up to a hose turning it into a powerful no pump blaster.

The Storm 2500 is one of the best air pressure rifles ever made. Like the XP 150 this gun has a great pump on it with a large pump capacity. It features a double action pump like all storm guns and takes only 5-6 pumps to fully charge the pressure chamber. Its low high powered (different from overall shot time) shot time is a drawback for around the yard soak fests, but you can pump while shooting to retain your hpst until the gun runs out of ammo! And when the serious player needs a gun the Stom 2500 never fails.

The biggest issue with the Storm 2500 is its pure size. It’s about as long and as tall as a CPS 4100 but doesn’t pack nearly the same punch. The underside of the reservoir is also rather poorly designed and has a tendency of grinding against your arm while you fight, which is really a shame since the rest of the gun is so smooth and streamlined.

Overall the Storm 2500 is a solid choice for battles involving light primaries. It sounds kind of funny to call this a light primary, considering its about the same size (but fortunately lighter) as a CPS 4100, but like all Storms, the primary nozzle is on the small side. I recommend modding the underside of the reservoir to make it a little easier on your firing arm.


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