Water Warriors Vindicator

vindicatorReleased: 2009-2010
Ebay Value: ?

Reservoir: 101 oz
PC: 19 oz

Gun: 21″ x 4.5″ x 10″

Weight Full: 7.1 lb
Weight Empty: 2.6 lb

Pump Volume: 0.8 oz
Pumps to 100%: 23
Pump Stroke: TBM

Field Life


Arguably the most powerful Water Warriors blaster yet, the Vindicator offers 5 nozzle options backed up by elastic (ala CPS) based pressure. The Vindicator’s pressure chamber is the most similar to those featured in Super Soaker’s CPS line of any Water Warriors’ blaster, the bladder being practically identical to those of the CPS 1000, 1200, and 2100. The overall size of the guns is quite comprable as well.

With that being said, the Vindicator offers a lot more for its size. The 3L / 101 oz capacity is a huge advantage over similarly sized blasters, especially when combined with the plethora of nozzle options you get to choose from.

Nozzle Output ShotTime* Range Taps/Tank
0.8 mm 0.5 oz/sec 36 sec 30 ft 486
1.6 mm 1.5 oz 12 sec 34 ft 156
2.0 mm 3.3 oz 6 sec 37.5 ft 72
3.5 mm 6.6 oz 2.8 sec 40 ft 44
Fan 4.0 oz 4.5 sec 16 ft  60

* ≥ 70% range

The largest nozzle pushes out nearly 7 oz/sec up to 40 ft, allowing you to compete with just about anything out there. The second nozzle is also quite useful, providing a balance of range, output, and shot time. The third largest nozzle is excellent for ammo conserving, and provides an excellent 12 seconds of shot time. The smallest nozzle and fan nozzle provide you with 2 opportunities to try some nozzle modding, as they are pretty useless in their stock conditions.

As you can see, the Vindicator has everything going for it statistically. Unfortunately it’s a bit lacking in the intangibles department. It lacks soul. Fighting with a Vindicator for the first time is like going on a date with a super hot, intelligent girl and realizing she has no personality. She’s a bit awkward, but if you can get past that, she’s an excellent catch.

The Vindicator is the same way. The pistol grip / trigger is located at the extreme back of the gun, which makes it practically impossible to fire one-handed. This can also affect your dexterity and maneuverability during fast paced fighting. For this, and other reasons, the Vindicator is easiest to use in a fire support role. Take lots of shots and pressure the enemy, but be careful when making attacks that require a great deal of agility.

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