Water Warriors Python 2

Released: 2013-2014
Ebay Value: ?

Reservoir: 53 oz

Gun: 18.5″ x 3″ x 8″

Weight Full: 4.9 lb
Weight Empty: 1.4 lb

Pump Volume: Air
Pumps to 100%:N/A
Pump Stroke: TBM

cps 1-3-5 ratings

Field Life


Performance Review
The Python 2 builds on the original Python design by revamping the entire chassis. The new weight balance is superb which helps tremendously with aiming, running, and general movement. The performance is still fairly impressive for a pressurized reservoir weapon. At Frozen Fury 2013 the Python 2 had no problem going head to head with XP 150s, Vindicators, and even light CPS blasters. That’s not to say that I would recommend taking a Python 2 over a CPS 1000, but that if you have to use a Python 2 against smaller CPS class blasters it can be done.

Like the original Python, the Python 2 comes with 3 different nozzle options, all 3 of which are useful. My favorite is the burst setting, which causes the most damage. The large stream is also a good first choice, with the smaller stream being there in case you find yourself running out of water too quickly.

Since the Python 2 doesn’t have a pressure chamber you end up having to pump it a lot as you run out of water. You also lose the ability to fire at more extreme angles since the intake tube has to be under water for you to get any shots off.
Structural Review
The new shell is a vast improvement on the original Python as it helps with weight distribution immenely. The Python 2 still could have used, in fact SHOULD have used, a pressure chamber, but it is what it is. The plastic used is typical BBT and durability seems to be slightly above average.

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