Super Soaker WWF Undertaker

 wwf undertaker nozzle

Released: 2000
Ebay Value: $7.50

Reservoir: 35 oz
PC: 25 oz

Taps/Tank: ~171
Range: 32 ft
Output: 1.4 oz/sec
Full Shot Time: 17.5 sec

Gun: 22.8″ x 4″ x 10.2″
Nozzle Size: 1.4 mm

Weight Loaded: 6.1 lbs
Weight Full: 4.5 lbs
Weight Empty: 2.2 lbs

Pump Stroke: TBM
Pump Volume: 1 oz
Pumps to 100%: 25

Field Life


The WWF Undertaker is 1 of 2 WWF guns released by Super Soaker in 2000. The Undertaker and Stone Cold are the 2nd smallest CPS blaster, being slightly larger than the SC 500 and slightly smaller than the SC 600. This gun is a lot of fun and has great potential but is not a good choice when unmodified. Despite having a CPS pressure chamber the Undertaker is quite underpowered. If you have to use the gun unmodified you should rely on ambushing and fire support in hit based games or close range attacks in soakfests.

I did some nozzle experimentation and was able to increase the range from 32 to 36 feet by drilling out the nozzle to 2.4 mm. The drilling was very raw and the resulting stream had a great deal of turbulance. I think there’s even more potential for the WWF series, as my nozzle drills were not that clean and I think that these guns could definitely support laminators. The Undertaker contains the same internal pieces as the Stone Cold. I highly recommend performing a pump reinforcement mod on both guns. There are no other weak points on this gun, which makes it a great selection for modders and anyone who wants to build an arsenal for long term use.



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