Super Soaker XP 250

xp 250 pump

Released: 1994
Ebay Value: $31.68

Reservoir: 86 oz
PC: 32 oz

Gun: 27″ x 4″ x 14.5″

Weight Loaded: 10.4 lbs
Weight Full: 8.3 lbs
Weight Empty: 2.7 lbs

Pump Volume: 2.3 oz
Pumps to 100%: 13
Pump Stroke: TBM

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life


By all accounts, the second most deadliest blaster prior to the release of the CPS 2000, the XP 250 is still not to be messed around with. The PC capacity of this thing is immense which means you’ll not only have a lot of shot time, but great power behind each shot as well. The 4 nozzle choices ensure that you’ll be able to handle just about any situation on the battlefield.

Output ShotTime Range Taps/Tank
1.5x 1.5oz/sec 11secs 36 ft 315
4x 4 5 39 118
Fan 2.4 9 19.5 197
Shower 3.3 6.5 32 143

The 4x nozzle, being the most powerful, is my nozzle of choice for most engagements. The shower nozzle is kind of like value/discount choice as it packs a lot of soakage for the amount of water spent. As you can imagine, 1.5x is useful when you’re running low on water, but its 11 second shot time also means it’s useful when you’re fighting outnumbered against lighter armed foes. Fan nozzle, well that one just needs to be drilled out.

The XP 250 can be a little awkward to use at first, but the overall design is really not that bad. There’s a bit of a sharp edge at the back of the pistol grip/handle that I recommend filing down to make it a bit more comfortable. The real thing to watch out for is the firing handle. If you’re not careful it can be easily broken.  That’s not the only reason I’m not a fan of the top mounted firing lever. It can affect your accuracy during those blink of the eye rapid fire ambushes and it also makes it highly awkward to pump and fire at the same time. This is a complete shame because the pump on this beast is amazingly powerful, and this would allow you to perform complete beat downs with both high output (4x) and unlimited shot time (1.5x.)



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