Super Soaker XP 70

xp70 statistics

Released: 1998, 2005
Ebay Value: $15.75

Reservoir: 30 oz
PC: 5.5 oz
Tap Shots/Tank: ~118

Range: 35 ft
Output: 1.2 oz/sec
Full Shot Time: 4 sec

Gun: 17 x 3 x 10
Nozzle Size: 1.6 mm

Weight Loaded: 4.8 lbs
Weight Full: 4 lbs
Weight Empty: 1.4 lbs

Pump Stroke: TBM
Pump Volume: 0.8 oz
Pumps to 100%: 7

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life



This gun is so simple and easy to use. It’s performance is average, but it makes up for that with by being very durable, easy to modify, lightweight, and easy to handle. I would recommend this as a good gun for younger kids and anyone looking for a fun gun for casual backyard soakfests.

You’re best off using an XP 70 as a sidearm, but you could also use it as a primary in a soakfest or air pressure only round. I should add that this weapon is one of the best close quarter combat weapon out there. This is primarily due to the fact that it’s light, feels very balanced, and takes very few pumps to pressurize. You can pump and shoot this thing at the same time to maintain a constant stream for almost 20 seconds. The only thing that would have made this gun better at close range would have been a riot blast option.

When fighting with the XP 70 you should duck and run towards your opponents, being sure to get behind cover as much as possible until you’re in range to fire back. Inexperienced CPS users will waste their entire pressure chambers with one shot. That’s when you go in for the kill. Veterans will be much more difficult to take down, since they will use tap shots to mitigate your rate of fire advantage.

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