Super Soaker XP 310


Released: 2000
Ebay Value: $17.98

Reservoir: 49 oz
PC: 11 oz

Gun: 23.5″ x 4″ x 12″

Weight Loaded: 5.7 lb
Weight Full: 4.9 lb
Weight Empty: 1.8 l

Pump Volume: 1.0 oz
Pumps to 100%: 11
Pump Stroke: 7″

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life


The XP 310 is a great gun for casual backyard fights.  In some ways it is noticebly improved over its predecessor, the XP 110.  It holds 18% more water than the 110, which isn’t the 25% claimed by Super Soaker, but it still translates into more shots/tank.  It also features 4 nozzles, rather than 1:

Output ShotTime Range Taps/Tank
0.8 mm 0.8oz/sec 9 secs 33 ft 300
1.2 mm 1.0 7.2 34 240
1.6 mm 1.6 5.3 35 171
2.0 mm 2.3 3 35 100

The nozzle choices are a bit underwhelming as there is not a whole lot of diversity going on.  I recommend using the second largest nozzle as your primary choice due to its range and shot time.  I also recommend boring out the smaller nozzles into a 5x and riot blast/shotgun option. The problem with the nozzles is illustrative of my impression of the entire gun – more is not always a good thing.  Yes, the gun carries 9 more oz of water than the 110, but the new weight distribution on the 310 is such that it is very difficult to wield one-handed.  You trade greater capacity for less mobility.

I’m also less than impressed with the piping layout inside this gun. The pipe leading from the pressure chambers to the firing valve takes a steep 45 degree turn. This increase in surface area from the PCs to the nozzle leads to more drag on the water flowing through and ultimately exiting the gun. A shorter distance and a straighter angle are always preferred as it reduces drag on your shots, leading to increased performance.

Nevertheless, the XP 310 is still a solid choice for soakfests.  The extra ammo does come in handy, and if you do mod the nozzles it’s even better.  Get in less than 30 ft from your opponent and circle them, constantly moving, pumping and shooting.  In 1hk, 1hs, or respawn ctf games its best not to engage opponents unless you know you’re in range to take them out.  Stick to ambushing and flanking attacks.  The Water Warriors Renegade or Colossus are better options if you’re looking for an air pressure medium rifle.

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