Super Soaker XP 40

xp 40 thumb

Released: 1998
Ebay Value: $11.25
NIB Value: $12.92

Reservoir: 14 oz
Tap Shots/Tank: ~55

Range: 32 ft
Output: 0.9 oz/sec

Gun: 13.5 x 3 x 7
Nozzle Size: 1.4mm

Weight Full: 1.9 lbs
Weight Empty: 0.9 lbs

Pump Stroke: TBM
Pump Volume: Air

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life



The XP 40 is rather underwhelming for a large pistol. It doesn’t have a riot blast like the XP 35, nor does it have Storm quality lamination, or the power of Water Warriors and Max D pistols. I got around this by removing the orange nozzle cone. Underneath the orange nozzle cone is a white pipe that comes out of the firing valve. Doing this mod gives you a 3-4x nozzle.Like most pressurized reservoir blasters the XP 40 uses an intake tube. When you pull the trigger pressure is released through the intake tube and out the nozzle. You can increase the rate of water through the intake tube, and in turn the blaster’s power, by clipping the filter at the end of the intake nozzle. There are 2 things to note with this mod. First, you won’t notice much of a difference with the stock nozzle, so you have to remove the orange cap. Second, you have to make sure that you are using clean clear water since you’ve just removed the intake tube.

Make sure you don’t drop a fully loaded XP 40 onto concrete or other hard surfaces. The translucent reservoir is nice in that it lets you tell how much ammo you have left, but it’s also a weak point on the gun and is vulnerable to cracking if you drop it.

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