Super Soaker XP 75

xp 75 nozzle

Released: 1994, 1998, 2001
Ebay Value: $21.64

Reservoir: 43 oz
Tap Shots/Tank: ~86

Range: 35 ft
Output: 2 oz/sec

Gun: 12.5 x 3 x 6.5
Nozzle Size: 2 mm

Weight Full: 3.9 lbs
Weight Empty: 1.1 lbs

Pump Stroke: TBM
Pump Volume: Air

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life


The Super Soaker XP 75 is a high durability air pressure blaster.  Like the rest of the 1994 XPs, the output on this gun is greater than any similar sized weapons released before or after it.  Unfortunately, the gun doesn’t have a firing chamber, which means that as your ammo levels deplete it becomes increasingly difficult to fire this bad bad boy at steep angles.  You’ll just end up shooting mist.

When it comes to performance in battle, the XP 75 can hold its own in a soakfest.  It shoots a decent amount of water, can last a decent amount of time, and with its amazing tracked pump you will never be left pumping and out of power.  In one word: reliable.  In 1hk or any other type of elimination games you are much better off with a CPS blaster, but if you have younger kids on your team, or just someone you don’t trust with an expensive weapon, you can lend this out.

If you are using this in an elimination based game, I highly recommend being your team’s scout.  Do not engage the enemy unless you have the element of surprise, or if their gun shoots 35 feet or less.  Be the eyes and ears of your team.  Use your speed to your advantage.  Or better yet, don’t use this gun in an elimination based game if you can use a CPS or larger air pressure weapon.

If you are using the XP 75 in a soakfest, be agressive!  Get all up in they grillz!!  I can’t emphasize enough that the giant pump volume (of air at least) means that you can keep shooting decent sized streams of water continuously, as long as you pump while you shoot.  Again, use your speed for hit and runs, or just dodging and then shooting up close.  If you have the mk 1 or mk 2 you can use the riot blast function.

Structural Review
Along with the other guns originally released in 1994, the XP 75 is incredibly durable.  The external plastic is much thicker than the XPs released between 1998 and 2001.  It’s comprable in strength to the plastic Super Soaker has been using since 2002 since the max ds.  My favorite thing about this gun, however, is its tracked pump.  It’s big, so it pumps a lot of air, which means you need less pumps to stay at full power.  Another thing I like is the pump ending.  I don’t really know what to call it, but it’s like a rubber O ring wrapped around the plastic of the pump shaft.  This is better, because if the O ring breaks it won’t jam up the pump.  You can just pull out the pump and obtain/make a new one.  On soakers with an actual 1″ rubber or plastic piece screwed onto the end of the pump shaft, if that breaks off you will have a much more difficult time fixing it because it will be stuck inside the pump.


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