Super Soaker XP 85

xp 85 thumb

Released: 1997, 1999
Ebay Value: $13.00
NIB Value: $39.99

Reservoir: 30 oz
Tap Shots/Tank: ~40

Range: 28 ft
Output: 3 oz/sec

Gun: 12.5 x 3 x 6.5
Nozzle Size: TBM

Weight Full: 3.9 lbs
Weight Empty: 1.7 lbs

Pump Stroke: TBM
Pump Volume: Air

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life


This is one of only 2 Super Soakers that can fire 3 nozzles at once, the other being the CPS 1-3-5. You can move the outside nozzles from side to side. This is useless in 99 out of 100 situations, since you could also just manually swing the gun from right to left, but it’s there in case you feel like it.

My biggest complaint about this gun is that it doesn’t have a pressure chamber. The 3 nozzles drain the pressure way too fast. Like all pressurized reservoir guns the XP 85 is finicky. If it has greater than 3/4 a tank of water shot time will be low. If it has less than 1/4 a tank of water shot time will be low. The less water you have in your reservoir the less steep the angles you can fire at without taking mist shots.

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