Super Soaker XXP 275

xxp 275 stats

Released: 1996
Ebay Value: $48.85

Reservoir: 98 oz
PC: 28 oz

Gun: 27″ x 4″ x 11.5″
Weight Loaded: 10.7 lbs
Weight Full:  8.9 lbs
Weight Empty: 2.5 lbs

Pump Volume: 2.3 oz
Pumps to 100%: 12
Pump Stroke: TBM

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life


Before the Monster XL, there was the XXP 275. The double barreled monster of its day, the 275 is still a powerful choice if you’re looking for a good air pressure blaster. With an enormous PC capacity and some great nozzle choices, someone’s going to get wet!

Output ShotTime Range Taps/Tank
1x, 1x 2.2oz/sec 7secs 35 ft 229
2.5x, 2.5x 5 3.2 36.5 101
DualFan 3.4 4.3 19.5 148
DualShower 5.2 3 28 97

Although the numbers seem close to pedestrian they are rather deceiving. When it comes to output and soaking your opponents, 2 really is better than one. It’s all that splash damage. Dual 2.5x gives you roughly the output of a CPS 1000, but since the output is spread out you’ll end up soaking your opponent even more. Unfortunately the 275 doesn’t have CPS pressure chambers, nor does it have amazing range, or a real trigger, but that’s part of what makes this gun so unique. Most large (read CPS) blasters have high range and output, but low shot times and a low rate of fire (how fast you can pump up and keep firing). With the 275 you have a high rate of fire, and good shot time, with a spread output, at the expense of range. This means you have to bring the fight in closer, but once you get there it’s going to be really difficult for your opponent to dodge. The 275 can stand toe to toe with smaller guns. Against CPS users you’ll have to move from cover to cover until you can get in range to unleash double barreled fury. I’ve taken down 2500s, 1200s, and even 2000s with this gun, but it took a lot of work. The 275 doesn’t have a traditional “pistol grip” handle or a trigger. This makes it a little awkward to hold, and even more difficult to pump and fire at the same time, even though the pump is big enough for it. This is why I’ve given the 275 a maneuverability rating of 43%, it’s not that it weighs you down, it’s that it can be awkward in certain situations. The lever is also very finicky and can snap easily, so you should treat it with the utmost care.



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