Super Soaker Monster XL


Released: 2000 – 2003 Ebay Value: $97.51

Reservoir: 120 oz PC: 45 oz Gun: 38.5″ x 8 x 12.5

Weight Loaded: 20 lbs Weight Full: 17.1 lbs Weight Empty: 9.3 lbs

Pump Volume: 1.25 oz Pumps to 100%: 36 Pump Stroke: TBM

cps3200 ratings

Field Life


This gun was made for fighting raging forest fires, or for punnishing disobedient children. When I got mine out of the box I laughed incessently for 3 days. If you bring one to a water war with the intent of using it as your primary weapon you are out of your mind.

Where do I start? There are 11 nozzles. You can use either 1 or 2 barrels at a time. This gives you 36 possible nozzle combinations. I suggest naming them after major river systems, but this might become troublesome to remember. I mean, how are you supposed to know which ones to pick? There are 36!!! I don’t even know 36 rivers.

Output Shot Time Range
5x, dual 5x 5.3, 9 oz/sec 8.4, 5 sec 34, 37 ft
8.5x, “ 8.8, 16 5.1, 2.8 39, 35
11.5x, “ 11.6, 19.6 3.9, 2.1 37, 32
Power Burst, “ 10, 18 4.5, 2.4 37, 30
Typhoon, “ 13, 23 3.4, 2 32, 28
Aquastorm 13.5 3.3 35

Anyway, so let’s say you actually want to bring this beast to a water war. You had better be athletic. It weighs about as much as a US Army 249 SAW machine gun when fully loaded. However, if you can handle this, you can destroy almost anything or anyone foolish enough to cross your path; especially in a soakfest. The max range on this bad boy is about 40 feet, which is decent for elimination based gaming, but in soakfests where range is less important, this gun owns.

Oh, did I mention this thing has a bipod? Why??? I don’t even know. It’s not like you are going to use it in combat, but it looks super cool. Like you should mount it on top of your humvee or something.

No other gun has the ability to completely drench an opponent like the MXL. The output is actually not as great as that on the CPS 2000, but the fact that it’s coming out of 2 nozzles means you will soak your opponent more due to the splash damage. However, when a gun uses 2 nozzles it also means the power coming out will be less. This is true for the MXL even more so because it is superchargable. The pressure generated by the rubber CPS firing chamber has to be low enough to be able to be filled via a QFD linked up to a hose. So, don’t expect this gun to hit as hard as, say a CPS 3200; but it is peerless when it comes to soaking.



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