Our online community for all waterwarfare and blaster related discussion.

Max Star’s site Aqua Nexus one of the largest war story libraries in the online community. Site also features soakfest tactics and weaponry reviews for vintage Super Soakers(1989 to 2003).

AquaZone features in depth reviews of Super Soakers from 1989 to 2006. Budgie’s site also features tactics and fighting tips for soakfests.

Duke Soak’Em is a humorous website that captures the spirit of all that is right about water warfare – dorky, good old-fashioned fun. Site features an impressive photo and video gallery as well as reviews and concepts.

This is the best site to visit if you are just getting into water warfare. CA99 breaks down game types, training, and buying new guns.

isoakercom is the most comprehensive watergun website on the internet, featuring comics, war stories, photo and video galleries, tactics, repair guides, and reviews for almost every watergun ever made. For collectors and warriors alike.


Super Soaker Central has the largest library of modifications, home-mades, and repairs in the online community. Ben’s articles on the physics of water warfare are highly recommended. Site also features tactics, war stories, and weapon reviews.


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