7/7/2015 – Added another repair: Cracked/dented pump seal repair. I had an XP 150 pump that was leaking and not pushing as much pressure into the pressure chamber. This repair got my pump working good as new.

6/1/2015 – Added 2 new repairs: the rubber band repair for blasters that shoot when you pump them, and a repair for CPS blasters that spray wildly when shooting.

4/29/2015 – Settled back on the Splendio design, but removed the giant orange block from the searchbar. Also reformatted divs on review pages to provide for better spacing. Readers should not have a problem with overlapping statistics anymore. I’m also looking into mobile optimization. Thanks for all the feedback everyone’s provided me.

4/8/2015 – New site design. Let me know what you think

4/7/2015 – Reviews will now have a “relevant discussions” section which will include links to all relevant forum topics about that particular blaster.

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