5/3/2018 – the WWN League opening battle will be held in Clayton, NC on Saturday May 12. See WWN for details.

12/15/2016 – MOAB water war will be held in Clayton, NC over New Years

6/9/2016 – The “Most Popular Articles,” section has been updated with our eBay, Soakfest, and firing valve repair guides coming in as your most popular articles of Spring ’16. The most popular articles of 2015 were our pump intake mod, pump reinforcement mod, and cracked pump shaft repair.

6/6/2016 – Gargantua review posted. Speed Loader 1500 review updated. Speed Loader 3000 review updated. Charger review updated.

5/19/2016 – First war of the year! Soakermore in Bethesda, MD

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