Aesthetic Mods

Ghillie Suit Weapon Cover Snipers might wear diapers, but we get all the ladies.

Durability Mods

Pump Anti-Rattle Mod Andrew demonsrates how to get rid of that annoying pump rattling by making a tighter pump grip.

pumpreinforcement_thumb Pump Reinforcement If your pump snaps it’s game over.  Keep yourself in the fight with this simple mod.

slingmountingpoint_thumb Sling Mounting Points Andrew walks us through how to attach slings to any gun with a nozzle cap.

Performance Mods

antipumplag_thumb Anti-Lag Pump Intake-Tube Prevent lagging and get more power with every pump.  For any gun with a pump intake-tube.

mod AP expansion thumb Mini-Laminator This mod is great for decreasing turbulence in 2.5x – 5x home made nozzle designs.
mod AP expansion thumb PC Expansion for Air Pressure Blasters SEAL’s completely sick guide to making your AP guns even MORE powerful.

Custom Guns

ss210_thumb SS 210 I show you how to double the capacity and shot time on a classic.  Perfect for 1hs games.

tribulation_thumb Tribulation My scary k modded CPS 1700 shotgun.  Made for fighting in the woods at night.


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