Ultimate Renegade


Released: 2011
Ebay Value: ?

Reservoir: 33 oz
PC: 6 oz
Gun: 19″ x 3.5″ x 8.5″

Weight Loaded: 4.1 lb
Weight Full: 3.7 lb
Weight Empty: 1.6 lb

Pump Volume: 0.6 oz
Pumps to 100%: 10
Pump Stroke: TBM

Field Life


The Water Warriors Ultimate Renegade is a decent light blaster. There are very few guns this size with multiple nozzle options. As such, the Ultimate Renegade is a little more flexible than most blasters in its class.

Nozzle Output ShotTime* Range Taps/Tank
1.6 mm 1.5oz/sec 3 secs 34 ft 104
2.4 mm 2.5 2 36 ft 62
Burst 2.8 1.7 34 ft 56

* ≥ 70% range

I prefer using the larger nozzle and the burst nozzle almost exclusively, but have found the smaller nozzle to be a good choice when trying to conserve ammo. The burst nozzle is the same featured on several other BBT guns and is highly recommended. It does a good bit of splash/spread damage. I prefer to use this setting when chasing down enemies who are fleeing from the battlefield, as it is the most damaging.

This review is not without its complaints however. I’m not terribly impressed with this blaster’s pump volume or its PC size. Blasters in this size class are usually very quick to charge, making them much better at quick, rapid fire, hit and run engagements rather than longer campaigns. This is not something the Ultimate Explorer excels at. It’s not so much that 10 pumps to full pressure is all that time consuming, but how much 10 pumps will get you – a mere 3 seconds on the smallest nozzle setting. If your tap shots are about a third of a second that means you’re having to make a quick pump after every pull of the trigger. The XP 70, by comparison gets 2 tap shots for every pump, and the XP 95 gets close to 3.

I’m not a huge fan of the rear mounted pistol grip/handle. Although it’s not as big of a nuisance as on the Vindicator or Ultimate Explorer, it still makes this blaster completely front heavy. This can be annoying when trying to fire one handed, or when performing particularly athletic moves. Of course, if your username isn’t Duxburian, you’re probably not going to be going around doing barrel rolls with a fully loaded blaster in the middle of a fire fight.

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