Cracked Pump Seal Repair (Type 2)

Cracked pump seals can cause leaky pumps. Not only do you leak water all over your hand, but you also have to pump more times than before to pressurize your blaster. I designed this repair to fix the pump on the XP 150. The pump seal on the 150 is made of plastic. This repair has not been tested on rubber pump seals, though I imagine it could work just as well.


You Will Need:

Rubber O Rings in the size of your pump seal. For the XP 150, which is shown here with a custom pump grip/handle, you will need a size #13 O Ring (7/8″ O.D. x 11/16″ I.D. x 3/32″).

Here’s what my pump seal looked like before the repair, you can see the cracked dent on the left side:


Clean your pump seal with soap and water and then make sure to dry it off. Any plastic pump seal will be hollowed out on the inside, kind of like the O ring itself, except that your O ring will fit in perfectly snug inside the pump seal. Fill this hollow with super glue.


Next you want to push the O ring inside, snug up against the pump seal. Notice on the bottom left corner (8 O’Clock) you can still see where the original crack was. Now, however, the O ring and super glue has sealed the crack, and even though its still slightly dented it is pushed out far enough to where it doesn’t matter.


I found that flathead screwdrivers work well for securing the O ring inside without getting glue all over yourself, but if you do not have a good flathead (try first without the glue) then you can push the O ring in with your fingers, then add the glue after. The O ring will bolster the old pump seal and after it dries it will work as good as new.

Here’s what the end result should look like:


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